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Add a Delay Option to Individual Alerts

I personally use Stream Elements for all of my alerts other alerts and use Hype Train from Sound Alerts. This causes a Hype Train alert to trigger at the same time as the other alert that caused the hype train in the first place. I know i can transition all my alerts to Sound Alerts in order to queue them better. However, they’re so embedded into my overlays. It’ll be a process. If I add a delay offset in my OBS audio mixer, then that'll delay my channel point sound redeems for my viewer's.Being able to delay only the Hype Train alert would help so much! i could also add an alert that chat could use to spook me and place it on a delay so i’ll forget it’ll happen if i see the redemption in chat! Possiblities!

Nyxura 9 days ago

Shield Mode Integration

It should be configurable for users what happens when they enable Shield Mode on Twitch. Shield Mode is meant as a "one button emergency stop" during situations of increased harrassment and uneasiness for streamers. As SoundAlerts can be abused to harrass a streamer heavily, they should be automatically paused / suppressed when this "emergency button" is pressed.Just how the nuanced settings of this can be configured on the Twitch side, similar configuration options should be available with SoundAlerts (i.e. should alerts be interrupted when activated or finish out the current one? Should they remain disabled when shield mode gets disabled? Should they be completely removed from the channel points selection ro only paused?)

Marenthyu About 2 months ago